Tedy Tri Saputro

Head of Technology with a solid foundation in solution-oriented programming, backed by a twelve-year history in modular and object-oriented programming. Proficient in all stages of the software development lifecycle and the main contributor to embeddednesia.com and subrutin.com.

What I Do

Solution Architect

Design and supervise the implementation of intricate IT solutions to fulfill business needs. Evaluate business requirements, convert them into technical specifications, and develop comprehensive solution designs.

Course Instructor

Develop educational courses for programming and engineering participants, including creating dynamic lesson plans, preparing instructional materials, and using various teaching methods to engage and motivate students.

Software Craftsman

Design, develop, test, and maintain software and systems. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather requirements, create technical specifications, and ensure the software meets user needs and quality standards.

Head of Technology

Leading an organization's technology by developing and implementing initiatives to support business goals and managing IT infrastructure. Ensure the security and efficiency of technology systems and keep engineers updated with new technology.


13 Years of Experience


2022 - Current

Head of Academy and Technology

Recruiting and Leading the craftsman team to meet standards and best practices, including design, development, implementation, and testing on the project lifecycle. Additionally, keep the team updated with the latest technological tools and best practices.


Senior Software Engineer

Involved in all stages of developing an information system, including gathering requirements, designing, implementing, testing, and providing support. Worked closely with clients to produce a solution that meets the client's needs.
2016 - 2019
Ebworx Indonesia

Senior Software Engineer

Be involved in all stages of developing custom banking solutions, from gathering requirements and designing to implementing, testing, and providing support. Work closely with customers to create technical specifications and consult with subject matter experts to understand business needs and application structure. Additionally, take part in code reviews to ensure quality, offer technical guidance, lead team members, and help set up infrastructure and system software for development and testing environments.

Multipolar Technology

Application Developer

Analyses and designs software’s requirements and specifications. Develop, test, and evaluate a new or existing system to produce an application that can accommodate the customer’s requirements in a medium-scale project.


2022 - Current
University of Indonesia

Magister Teknologi Informasi

2007 - 2011
Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Nuklir

Elektronika Instrumentasi

Nuclear electronics and Instrumentation is a subfield concerned with the design and use of high-speed electronic systems for nuclear physics and elementary particle physics research, and industrial and medical use.

Essential elements of such systems include fast detectors for charged particles, discriminators for separating them by energy, counters for counting the pulses produced by individual particles, fast logic circuits (including coincidence and veto gates) for identifying particular types of complex particle events, and pulse height analyzers (PHAs) for sorting and counting gamma rays or particle interactions by energy for spectral analysis.



  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C/C++
  • Thymeleaf
  • Python
  • Spring Framework
  • Angular
  • Quarkus
  • Maven
  • AWS
  • Container
  • Kubernetes
  • Selenium
  • Microservices


My Works
Belajar Spring Framework : Dari Nol Sampai Siap Kerja

Belajar Spring Framework : Dari Nol Sampai Siap Kerja

Docker Untuk Programmer Java: Dari Nol Sampai Siap Kerja

Docker Untuk Programmer Java: Dari Nol Sampai Siap Kerja







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